About Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3

Businesses are growing up to 35% faster with flexible, powerful and easy-to-implement Sage ERP X3.

Usability: Get more done faster

Equipped with fully customisable dashboards, Sage ERP X3 offers graphical views of key performance indicators so users can make faster and better-informed decisions based on real-time information.

Sage ERP X3 is a business solution designed with the user in mind:

  • Navigation made easier by interactive graphical processes.
  • Portals designed for specific roles with advanced performance indicators.
  • Full integration of office tools.
  • Powerful customisation tools for more flexibility.

Mobility: Go where your business takes you

Successful companies are four times more likely to process orders remotely. Increase your revenue with mobile access across your business. Sage ERP X3 provides mobile access to your ERP system, including from any mobile device, tablet, and smartphone.

  • Improve efficiency by reducing communication errors or the need to go to the office.
  • Provide front-line users with mobile information to make smarter decisions.
  • Extend and expand usage of ERP in the organisation.
  • Provide timely information, to enable critical decision making for your employees.
  • Be able to do business anywhere, anytime.

Intelligence: Get the insight you need

Stay ahead of trends and turn insight into action with:

  • Built-in business object tools.
  • A library of predefined reports.
  • Centralised data that delivers real-time information.

Expand the core analytics capabilities with business intelligence options such as SAP Business Objects and Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

Share data across the organisation and drive collaboration. Sage ERP X3 simplifies the access and sharing of relevant information by user, role, and project teams. It consolidates information for accounting, sales, finance, customer service and operations, so everyone is sharing the same accurate, real-time data.

Profitability: Increase cashflow

Sage ERP X3 empowers you to respond confidently and rapidly to changing business conditions and manage exception events through user-friendly, automated workflow processes and alerts.

Did you know it takes 11.5 days on average for managers in small to medium-sized businesses to be notified of events happening that are affecting their business?

Sage ERP X3 can reduce this time to nearly instant through:

  • Good intelligence.
  • Real-time access to data.
  • Ability to receive instant alerts and notifications.

Expansion: Scale and expand to new markets

Whether you are managing a global business today, or preparing for future global expansion, Sage ERP X3 lets you manage sophisticated multi-site, multi-language, multi-country installations as easily as a single domestic site.

  • Get a global view of your business: by ensuring multiple companies in multiple countries can share the same data.
  • Global trade requires global tools: multiple language capabilities allow almost all users to access the system in their own language.
  • Legal and Market requirements are centralised: to offer a single global solution.
  • Sage ERP X3 shares data and processes between foreign sites or subsidiaries: whilst respecting their specific requirements.

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