About Sage X3

Sage X3

Flexible, powerful, and easy to implement, Sage X3 is a comprehensive enterprise management software that helps grow businesses up to 35 percent faster.

Usability: Get More Done, Faster

Sage X3’s fully customisable user interface provides graphical views of important performance indicators in real time so business owners can make quick, well-informed decisions.

Sage X3 is designed with the end user in mind:

  • Interactive graphical processes for easy navigation
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office products
  • Powerful customisation tools for more flexibility
  • Role-based user portal with advanced performance tracking

Mobility: Take Your Business on the Road

Companies that process orders remotely are four times more likely to succeed. Increase your profits with mobile access to your ERP system. Sage X3 allows mobile access across your business so you can stay connected from any device – laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Mobile access to Sage X3 allows you to:

  • Improve efficiency and prevent communication errors, reducing the need to go to the office
  • Provide users with up-to-the-minute information so they can make informed decisions
  • Expand the use of ERP throughout your organisation
  • Manage your business anywhere, anytime


Business Intelligence Tools: Get the Insight You Need

SAGE X3 helps you stay ahead of trends and lets you turn insight into action with:

  • Built-in business intelligence tools such as Business Objects and Sage Enterprise Intelligence
  • Centralised data delivering real-time information
  • A variety of pre-defined reports

Sage X3 allows you to streamline communication and collaboration with your team members. Set information access levels by user, role, or project teams. Your data for accounting, finance, sales, operations, and customer service is updated in real time; everyone is sharing the most accurate information.

Profitability: Increase Your Cashflow

A challenge for many small and medium-sized business owners is staying informed about workflow processes that affect their business. Sage X3 provides the tools and data you need to make critical business decisions quickly and confidently. Monitor workflow and manage exceptions instantly with:

  • Business intelligence tools
  • Real-time data
  • Instant notifications and alerts

Business Growth: Expand Your Market Reach

With Sage X3, you can:

  • Share data with foreign sites and subsidiaries in multiple countries
  • Let end users access the system in their preferred language
  • Offer a centralised, global solution

Enjoy complete flexibility with Sage X3 on-premises implementation on Microsoft Windows®, Unix, or Linux Red Hat, or choose the X3 cloud version without the complexity of hardware installation, database maintenance, and IT support.

Whether you currently own a global business or are considering expanding in the future, Sage X3 provides sophisticated tools for managing multi-language, multi-domain, or multi-country installations.

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