Our History

Times 3 Technologies now incorporates the complete Sage business from Business Connexion and the outsourced provision of the Sage Helpdesk and Training & Accreditation division from Softline Enterprise. Our primary focus, as premier business partner of Softline Enterprise, is the sales, implementation and support of Sage ERP products in Africa.  This includes Sage Line 500, Sage 1000, SalesLogix and Sage ERP X3.

To best understand how Times 3 Technologies was founded, we need to look at the separate businesses that were operated in Business Connexion and Softline.  Firstly, Business Connexion had embarked upon a process which included their Revitalisation Program, an important part of that program was the evaluation of all products and services in terms of their strategic fit as well as whether Business Connexion was giving due attention to the product or service that the supplier expected.  Business Connexion had for some time realised that the Sage ERP Reseller business had not been receiving the attention it deserved, despite Business Connexion having some of the best Sage ERP skills in the country.

In the light of internal review, Business Connexion received a proposal for a management buy-out of the Sage ERP Business from Stephen Howe and Tony Celine. Following due negotiation both parties reached an agreement that would allow Stephen and Tony to acquire the Sage ERP business from Business Connexion as a going concern with effect from 1 May 2009.  This acquisition included all staff, assets, contracts and Intellectual Property utilised in the provision of Sage solutions and custom Sage developments.

Sage Enterprise Solutions is a supplier of business management solutions.  In line with the Sage Group product strategy, while Line 500 and Sage 1000 will continue with a strong roadmap in the UK and certain international markets, including South Africa, Africa, Australia and New Zealand; Sage ERP X3 and SalesLogix have been identified as “Global” solutions and will be Sage’s focus in international markets.  This enables clients to choose from the best of both worlds going forward.  In line with the group strategy, Softline took the decision to restructure Softline Enterprise Solutions (Sage).  The new structure is designed around the management of the partner channel and the sales and distribution of the products through the business partner community.

The support and training part of the Sage Enterprise Solution business was therefore transferred as a going concern into Times 3 Technologies, which would enable us to provide an efficient application support and technical service second to none.

Times 3 Technologies now employs 20 dedicated individuals whose sole business focus is on the service delivery of Sage customers.  We are now able to boast about a combined total of in excess of 175 man years of Sage experience to current and prospective clients, and are proud of the fact that the Sage Helpdesk and Training academy has been outsourced by Sage (Softline) to us.

Times 3 Technologies (Pty) Ltd brings an in-depth understanding of the provision of world-class systems and services, and more specifically specialising in ERP solutions and their required integration and support.  We quantify this value and partnership through:

  • The strategic impact we can have in helping our clients achieve their business and strategic goals and measures
  • World-class experience and expertise within our business team using a comprehensive methodology which incorporates global best practices and extensive thought leadership to ensure quick and efficient solution deployment
  • Experience, certification and close working relationship with the key software technology vendors: SAGE
  • Flexibility in accommodating current and future business needs of our clients
  • The quality of Times 3 Technologies and it’s partners and the people responsible for delivery of that value
  • Extensive experience in technical and application training, off-site and on-site training and knowledge transfer strategies
  • Our flexible pricing approaches to best align with the customer’s needs.
  • “Future Proof” solution, ensuring that our client will be able to take advantage of new emerging technologies, as released by Sage.
  • Additional value-adding services and products to cement a long-term partnership.

Success comes through exploiting economies of scale, deploying proven technology and processes for cost management and reduction, service improvement, and bringing distinctive technical expertise to bear.