Hungry Lion Opts for Local T3T and Sage X3 Over International, Big-Brand ERP

Hungry Lion Opts for Local T3T and Sage X3 Over International, Big-Brand ERP

When Hungry Lion, a thriving fast food chain in South Africa, was bought from the Shoprite Group, they needed an ERP system that could handle their business complexities and growth plans, but was easy to use.

They turned to T3T as Sage’s top partner to implement and support Sage X3.



What were the challenges?

When Hungry Lion became its own separate group they had no ERP solution.

“The Shoprite Group uses a big-name, internationally-based ERP system,” said Rudi von Mollendorff, CFO of Hungry Lion, “and when we bought Hungry Lion out from them, we immediately started looking for the right ERP solution, as this will be our backbone to the new Hungry Lion Group.”


What did you need your ERP solution to do?

“Our business is quite complex,” said Caroll van Wyk, Financial Informations Systems Specialist at Hungry Lion, “and our user base is wide. We needed our ERP solution to be easy enough for everyone in the business to use, flexible enough to customise, as well as robust enough to handle the complexities of our multi-location, multi-departmental and multi-country organisation.”


Why did you choose Sage X3 and T3T?

After reviewing demos of nearly every ERP vendor available in South Africa, Hungry Lion opted for T3T to implement Sage X3 for these reasons:


  • Sage X3 is easy to use
  • It is complex enough to handle Hungry Lion’s multi-country legal and fiscal requirements
  • The software is flexible and can be customised
  • The enhancements available on Sage X3 are perfect for Hungry Lion’s business growth plans
  • T3T’s Sage X3 knowledge and expertise is unparalleled compared to any other ERP vendor
  • T3T provides a dedicated development and support team
  • T3T’s industry and business acumen are what Hungry Lion was looking for in a trusted partner


We were approved as the implementation partner for Sage X3 and started working right away, with Stephen Howe, joint-CEO of T3T, spearheading the project.

“We were thrilled to be selected as Hungry Lion’s solution provider implementing Sage X3,” said Stephen. “Given the urgency and current commitments, we immediately brought one of our Lead Consultants, Gerko van den Berg, down from our Johannesburg offices to start the implementation process with Hungry Lion.”


What benefits have Sage X3 and T3T brought?

After taking Hungry Lion through T3T’s tried and trusted implementation methodology incorporating all phases, including discovery, design, development, testing, and training, they successfully went live in October 2018.


The tailor-made Sage X3 solution provides, amongst others:

  • Comprehensive Asset Management
  • Accounting and Cash Book functionality
  • Financial aggregation of multi-country entities
  • T3T’s Supplier Contracts
  • T3T’s Currency Converter for real-time exchange rates for transactions
  • T3T’s Bank Statement Auto-Match
  • Full integration with their GAAP Point of Sale application
  • Comprehensive Procure-to-Pay process involving multiple automated workflows


Working with T3T


Caroll mentioned that one of the things she appreciated about working with T3T is our can-do ethos and our passion for developing strong customer relations. “There’s a wonderful collaboration that takes place between T3T’s team – Michael, Albert, and Gerko – and myself. There’s free knowledge-sharing between us, and they are very easy to work with.”



Said Rudi, “Almost everything we wanted from our ERP, Sage X3 and T3T could provide. I had a lot of unique requests, and without fail T3T was able to provide a solution that would satisfy those needs. It seems like they loved the challenge and provided the right solutions every time.”


Said Caroll of this, “T3T always goes above and beyond in their effort to support us.”



“Plus, the turnaround time for getting things done, like system enhancements or new development is remarkable,” continued Caroll. “Big ERP brands can take between 6 to 12 months to make minor changes, where T3T effects changes in Sage X3 as quickly as one or two days. This is powerful in removing internal delays and frustrations, and means that we can test changes immediately.”


More than software

Hungry Lion appreciated our teams’ years of industry and business experience and insight that they brought to the table. “T3T not only equipped us with the technological tools to manage a business,” said Rudi, “but they also provided a lot of comfort, guidance and ideas as to what the system architecture should be like in order to guide our business processes more efficiently.”


Rudi added, “I appreciate how Steve, as the owner of T3T, is still very much involved with us. As a result, he has in-depth knowledge of our business. I never feel as a client that I am not important. We would never have gotten that from big-name ERP.”


Would you recommend T3T as a Sage implementation partner?

With a unanimous, “Hands down, yes!” Hungry Lion affirms that T3T is the Sage X3 implementation partner of choice.


“The fact that there is always something that they can do to assist, no matter what request we have, is of great value,” said Rudi. “They do whatever it takes to ensure the business system stays up, and that means our business stays up.”


“Their creative problem-solving, can-do attitude makes it easy for us to deploy rapid changes and developments,” said Caroll. “In our industry you need to be quick to adapt in order to stay relevant. T3T and Sage X3 allow us to do that.”



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