Why Integrated Payroll Software is the Way Forward

Why Integrated Payroll Software is the Way Forward

Organisations in South Africa are looking for ways to drive growth, attain and maintain a competitive advantage, and remain relevant in an ever-changing business landscape.


Forward-thinking business leaders recognise that technology and software can provide a means for them to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.


Many companies already have legacy payroll solutions in place. However, these outdated, inflexible systems are unable to keep up with the fast-paced demands of modern enterprises, and often require the use of spreadsheets for manual data manipulation before information can be captured into the system. This is time-consuming, error-prone, and an ineffective way to manage and control payroll.


Integrated Payroll Systems Provide Smart, Fast Solutions

Sage provides South African businesses with a class-leading solution. Sage 300 People is integrated HR and Payroll software that is packed with functionality that automates payroll and brings greater control over payroll processes.


This reduces admin, lowers exposure to risk through human error, and provides Payroll managers with greater clarity over every payroll process in the business.


Sage 300 People for Optimal Payroll Functionality

Pay slips

Sage 300 People allows for multiple pay slips per pay period which can be consolidated into a single printable pay slip. It also provides automatic pro-rata calculations of earnings and deductions by engagement or termination dates.

Additionally, there is a minimum net pay feature which allows a minimum expected salary to be paid. Once the specified value is reached, rules will prevent net pay dropping below that value. Flagging of pay slip lines shows their effect on OID (workman’s compensation) and/or BCEA (Basic Conditions of Employment Act).


Employee management

The system allows you to create multiple records for a single person, and uses built-in checklists to streamline the creation of new employees and terminate existing ones. You can also move employees between companies, company rules or policies easily with the employee transfer wizard, and much more.


Content management

Sage 300 People allows you to attach employee and company documents (such as Microsoft Word documents, scanned files, and Microsoft Excel files) to any record in the system, giving you easy access to complete electronic records for each employee. All uploaded documents are stored within the database, so they’re secured and backed up with all other company and employee information.


Company management

Sage 300 People allows you to create unlimited companies per database. You can define multiple payment cycles per company e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly. You can use any combination of these cycles within in a single company, and view pay periods two years in advance, and more.


Remuneration structures

You can create default pay slip structures containing the payroll definitions that apply to an individual or group of employees who share similar pay slip setups.


Leave management

Enjoy the freedom of customising the leave function to meet your company policies. The system monitors the 8-week sick leave rule automatically, as well as tracks staff absenteeism trends. You can give line managers access to leave management reports via Self Service, effectively empowering your teams.



You can use the Expression Builder to define formulas (including multiple calculations per pay slip line) and define sliding scales for any earning structure, e.g. commission.



The Batch wizard lets you import and export large amounts of data directly to and from MS Excel and quickly create forms for regular use, e.g. overtime hours or bonus values.


Management reporting

The system allows you to style, print and export reports for distribution. You can group information, re-order or drag columns to form limitless table and chart layouts, as well as amend, tweak or simplify existing reports. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or attached to emails.


Auditing and security

All saved changes are recorded for detailed reporting on the following:

  • Which field was changed?
  • Who changed it?
  • The old value and the new value
  • The date when it was changed
  • Sage 300 People uses best-practice security to give maximum security and control
  • Role-based security allows you to define reusable sets of security configurations which you can assign to multiple users. This gives you tight control of who can view specific data or perform specific actions
  • You can define security on navigation (screens), zones and company rules up to field level and apply password policies or integrate them with Microsoft Active Directory to enable single login capabilities
  • The full history of every login attempt is recorded, showing reasons for login failures and password changes
  • The system gives you a full audit trail of all changes and activities



The Budgeting Module for Sage 300 People is a necessity for any forward thinking HR and Payroll office. With real-time information at your fingertips, aligning your budget in a single solution will improve accuracy and reduce costly mistakes.

The Budgeting Module offers you a single view of the truth by tracking your budgeting progress and setting up your plans for future vacancies.

Budgeting Module Features:

  • Allows the user to create budgets in order to forecast payroll expenses for filled and vacant positions.
  • The budget can be split into multiple spreadsheets that can be sent out to managers and imported back into the consolidated budget.
  • Budgeted values can be compared to actual values to track variances.
  • Budget Analyser allows the user to view budgeted and actual values in a powerful pivot grid.
  • Complies with MSCOA budgeting requirements.


For Payroll Managers looking to future-proof their organisations, it makes solid financial and business sense to invest in integrated HR and Payroll Software like Sage 300 People, to empower HR and Payroll employees and drive business transformation.


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