SAGE ERP 1000 T3T Sage ERP 1000 is a comprehensive ERP solution providing business management software for finance, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting services, time recording and billing. erp, erp software Windows 2016,SQL 2017
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The modular nature of Sage ERP 1000 lets you quickly and easily customise a solution based on the size and needs of your business. ERP

Sage ERP 1000 – Customise your ERP

Sage ERP 1000 is a comprehensive ERP solution providing business management software for finance, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting services, time recording and billing.

Sage ERP 1000 Is a Simple Solution

Cost effectiveness, fast deployment and ease of customisation are just a few of the many benefits offered by Sage ERP 1000. Other benefits include:

Browser-based access; users can log in anywhere an Internet connection is available

Seamless integration of modules

Streamlined deployment, training, licensing and upgrades

Highly scalable

A unified platform across the business

Simple administration and user deployment

Sage ERP 1000 Promotes Efficiency Through Team Work

By combining front- and back-office functionality, Sage Line 1000 lets you view information across all departments. This enterprise-wide integration of information and processes allows you to make more effective business decisions.

  • Key team members can access instant and accurate information about the business, facilitating faster and better informed decisions
  • Users can view important information and act upon such information right away
  • Simple-to-use features like filtering, ordering, dragging and dropping, and instant exportation to Excel allows users to accomplish more in less time, improving user satisfaction, productivity and business profitability

Sage ERP 1000 Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

Sage ERP 1000 lets you manage every aspect of customer interaction, from quotation to order fulfilment, in a single, seamless process.

  • Outshine your competition by providing responsive customer service
  • Identify new prospects while maintaining long-term customer relationships
  • Share vital financial and commercial information with key team members who need support making decisions for your business
  • Sage integrated CRM solution can be customised to suit your business needs, giving you a greater competitive advantage

Build the Solution You Want with Sage ERP 1000

The modular nature of Sage ERP 1000 lets you quickly and easily customise a solution based on the size and needs of your business. Designed in the UK, Sage Line 1000 delivers everything you would expect from a full-featured ERP solution, while allowing you to exclude features you don’t need.

Data-Driven Management Decisions With Sage ERP 1000

With Sage ERP 1000 Business intelligence, you can access critical business information from a single source of management data. Sage ERP 1000’s analytical reporting tools allow you to quickly analyse, combine and export your data.

Finance and Accounting

Delivering timely and accurate reporting and analysis, the accounting and finance functionality enables you to react to changes in day-to-day business at the same time as supporting strategic decisions. Providing you with detailed information on which to base decisions about your entire business, it offers comprehensive analysis options that make it possible to capture every detail of your company’s financial status.

Finance and accounting provides you with:

  • A range of functionality to manage every element of your finances including a general ledger, accounts payable and receivable ledgers, cash management, fixed assets, and consolidation
  • A system that can be configured to meet your individual requirements and which can report at any level in the company hierarchy
  • Improved cash management and the ability to manage assets effectively

Project accounting

Giving you complete control over all the financial aspects of your projects and their associated budgets, you are able to identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reducing costs, it simplifies data capture and provides the information you need to improve profitability.
Project accounting provides you with:

  • Easy access to the current status of your projects, including costs incurred and payments received, any time you need it
  • The ability to set up a range of projects all with different tasks and outcomes, which you can then analyse from any angle, across any part of your organisation
  • A project and a resource ledger that support your ability to bill projects in an accurate and timely manner

Distribution and supply chain

Enabling you to monitor and improve the way you source components and materials, you can achieve greater efficiency in the provision of products and services, driving down costs and increasing profitability. Creating a centrally managed, flexible purchasing function, you are put in full control of your supply chain.

Distribution and supply chain provides you with:

The ability to manage all the stages of inventory management through to authorising payments to suppliers, minimising stock and reducing lead times

Support for the electronic exchange of information and documents in universal EDI and XML-formats, speeding up distribution and reducing errors

The flexibility to accommodate individual customer’s specific requirements

Integration with the retail side of your operations, so that inventory records are automatically updated in response to purchases


Supporting your ability to manage manufacturing resources and keep tight financial control of associated material and processing costs, the manufacturing capabilities enable you to monitor and report on any shop floor issues that could affect productivity. Identifying bottlenecks and highlighting areas where you are not operating to your full potential, they also help drive waste out of your organisation.

Manufacturing provides you with:

  • A comprehensive MRP solution that supports your ability to meet both very specific individual customer requirements and those of numerous vertical sectors
  • Access to information on work in progress and real-time valuations of completed operations, enabling you to quickly identify issues that may affect your manufacturing output
  • Support for the production of standard or configured products as well as project-based manufacturing
  • A graphical planning tool that lets you see visually what is going on, helping to streamline operations

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