Sage X3 Supports Every Role in an Evolving Business

Embrace Change at Speed for Competitive Advantage

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Discover Sage X3 By Role

CEO and Business Owner

Embrace Change

  • Empowers transformational change to achieve strategic objectives


  • Insight into all operations via one central system


  • Become an agile organisation that responds quickly to market changes


  • Flexible, real-time reporting enables optimal monitoring and control


  • Supporting streamlined and accelerated digital transformation

Achieve tangible ROI with a fast payback period.

Chief Operations Officer

Agile and Responsive

  • Built-in control and risk management


  • Enables central monitoring of all operations via one global business management system


  • Streamlines business processes for accelerated growth


  • Supply chain integration and optimisation


  • Customer responsiveness supported by data analytics

Achieve measurable productivity improvement

Chief Financial Officer

Eradicate Inefficiencies

  • Faster reconcilliation and financial closing processes


  • Dashboard metrics and KPI monitoring to determine the heartbeat of the organisation


  • Insight to organisation cost and efficiencies


  • Enables better decision-making


  • Drive organisation performance with data


  • Process automation optimises resources


  • Working capital management and control

Real-time data, save time, reduce costs, improve profitability

Chief Information Officer

Faster Insight and Decision-Making

  • Browser-based and HTML5 enabled


  • Modern platform and APIs make integration a breeze


  • Subscription or perpetual licensing models


  • Role-based access, workflow and audit logs


  • Continued R&D ensures the system remains relevant – AI, RPA, ML etc


  • Cloud or on-premise


Flexible configuration, quick deployment, ease-of-implementation and great user-support with T3T

Sales Manager

Competitive Advantage

  • Real-time insight into Sales Rep performance


  • Accurate data on top customers


  • Dashboards and reports for better decision-making


  • Track sales by location, by product, by campaign


Adjust quickly to changes in consumer and competitor behaviour

Marketing Manager

Smart and Creative

  • Manage multiple campaigns in one system


  • Track conversion results by campaign, platform, region


  • Manage marketing resources and assets in one place


  • Fast, accurate reports


  • Automate mundane admin tasks


Keeps your finger on the pulse of your target audience

Finance and Admin

Less Admin, More Value

  • Lighten the administrative burden


  • Less MS Excel spreadsheets


  • Focus on exception management, analytical activities not manual processing


  • Faster, more flexible and more efficient processes powered by data


  • Real-time, customised dashboards and scoreboards


  • Helps you stay compliant


Frees up your team to focus on more value-adding tasks

Personalised User Interface, and AnyWhere, Anytime Access

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