Sage products supported by people who care about You and the success of your business

We’re just like you—we get frustrated when a vendor puts us on hold or never calls back. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure you’re never in that position as our customer.


When we install Sage products into a business, like Sage X3 ERP, Sage Intacct Cloud Financial systems, or Sage 300 People HR solutions, we don’t just leave it at that. We’re not interested in a one-hit-wonder.

We believe in building relationship through world-class support services provided by real people, who are friendly, and highly skilled, and hand-picked by us. We want only the best to work with our valuable clients.

sage support

Our service promise to you:


Effective problem solving procedures are utilised

Our members are constantly up-to-date with product and technology development

Customer care is central to our business

Robust logging, feedback and support practices are employed

Sound communication is practised

Our friendly call centre and efficient consultants

We take care of our South African clients, as well as our African-based clients

We seek out and employ people who are on brand with our internal culture: friendly, hard-working, customer-focused, and results-driven.

Support is offered via telephone, web and through remote connection. Where remote connections are in place, problems can frequently be resolved immediately, without having to wait until a Consultant is available to visit the you.

We believe a well-organised and structured system breeds excellence and team pride, so all calls are logged on a sophisticated call logging system, and careful procedures are in place to cover all aspects of the call logging process, including the follow up of completed queries.

Ready and willing to help you during office hours, our team of consultants and agents are available to help you when you need us.

Continuous improvement is vital, so performance measures are in place to track the number of calls received, time taken to resolve queries and customer satisfaction.

TSS uses state-of-the-art technology to manage its call centre operation and the performance thereof, ensuring that users receive prompt and excellent service.

We invest in our TSS Consultants’ ongoing product and support skills training, thereby equipping the team to effectively and efficiently support you and your business.

sage support