Electronic point of sale software that integrates seamlessly with Sage X3

Enjoy Comprehensive Sage X3 Integration with Elite POS


Why use a standalone POS solution when Sage already has powerful modules to manage Customers, Products, Pricing, Cash Management and provide comprehensive reporting?


Elite POS leverages all of this existing Sage X3 functionality, allowing you to run a single back office system rather than having to synchronise multiple systems. Elite POS provides the most comprehensive and reliable Sage X3 integration available.

How Sage X3 Integrates with Elite POS

point of sale sage x3

Elite POS Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Sage Integration

Complete integration to the Sage Ledger, Stock, Pricing and Cash Book Modules. Electronic PoS transactions can be posted in real-time or batches.

Speed and Simplicity

A modern, intuitive interface allows users to learn the system quickly. POS transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently.


We set-up Elite POS to work the way you need it to.

Not the other way around.

Offline Capabilities & Resilience

Elite POS will continue to run, even in the event of internet, local network or VPN failure. Auto recovery even restores transactions in the event of power failure.

Scalable Technology

Built on the Microsoft. NET framework, our solution will run efficiently on single site installations through to hundreds of tills across many locations.

Hardware Options

Runs from any Windows PC, Laptop, Tablet or retail-hardened Touch Screen POS systems from all leading brands.

Add-On Marketplace

Loyalty Schemes, Card Payments, Integrated Weigh Scales, Postcode Lookup and many more from Elite.

Integrated Payments

Customer Present and Cardholder Not Present solutions fully integrated with Elite POS, from SagePay, PayPal, Payfast, and more.


Encrypted database options protect your customer data end-to-end to allow you to fulfil your obligations under GDPR.

Management, Dashboards & Reports

Access anywhere and on any device. Run reports, check store/till status, setup promotions and change touch screen layouts.

Instore, Mobile & Telesales

Run the POS in traditional bricks and mortar shops, on PC’s for telephone sales, or go mobile for events, queue busting or assisted selling around the store.

Touch Screen or Keyboard

Simple to use touch screen that’s easy to learn and adapts to your needs, or use traditional keyboard and mouse, to suit your environment.

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