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Running your business does not have to be complicated.

Sage X3 is ideal for mid-sized companies – particularly manufacturers and distributors – who want big business ERP functionality without all the cost and complexity.

This incredibly popular ERP system manages every aspect of your business, all in one system: Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM and Manufacturing.

All departments are intelligently connected in real-time.

Sage X3 is Ideal for Your Business if You Want Your ERP to:

  • Free you up to focus on what matters most.

  • Gain faster insight into your business.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Lighten your admin burden.

  • Support multi-companies, -currencies and -languages.

  • Keep you connected to your business, anytime, anywhere.

  • Provide true web screens across devices.

  • Give real-time access to financials, operations and inventory, sales, marketing and customer service.

  • Automate admin tasks and reduce human errors.

  • Give your team a personalised KPI homepage dashboard for targets and performance.

  • Give you robust Business Intelligence tools for decision-making.

Intuitively manage your team

Connect your team and manage your operations to stay competitive in the face of growing complexity.

Always know

With Sage X3 you’re connected to your entire organisation with one platform. You gain greater insight and control into your business that allows more effective management and communication.

Agile growth

Sage X3 grows as you grow, with our choice of modules, deployment methods and versions, you can ‘switch off’ and ‘switch on’ functionality as your business grows, and you need your ERP to grow too.


Our flexible, scaleable approach to version, modules, and implementation methods means your total cost of ownership stays as low as possible.

Benefits of Sage X3

Here are some of the real reasons our customers ask for Sage X3 as their ERP of choice:

Instant value

Sage X3 offers a wide range of standard features that are hard to find in competitive products, making it one of the most cost-effective ERP solutions on the market. Plus, you can achieve 177% ROI with a 5 month payback period.

Powerful, but easy to use

A lot of ERP solutions are very complicated and not feasible for mid-sized companies. You’ll appreciate that Sage X3 is simple to install, easy to use, and highly customisable to present an exact fit for your business.

Local but global

Sage X3 is used across 50+ countries, so it comes as no surprise that multi-company, multi-location, and multi-currency functionality is automatically included in the software, and comes with support for multi-language, and legislation.

Web-based, for real

Sage X3 is web-native. That means you get the exact same system on your device, whether you access it on your local server, or over the web – something few other ERP systems offer.

World class technology

Sage’s open design and top technology means Sage Enterprise Management works equally well with Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases and Windows, Unix, or Linux operating systems – providing you with technological “freedom of choice.”

Sage X3 Solution Overview


● Budgets & Accounting
● Fixed Assets
● Financial Reporting
● Dashboards


● Purchasing
● Inventory & Warehousing
● Sales
● Customer Services


● BOM & Production Planning
● Shop Floor Control
● Quality Control
● Non-Conformance


● Project Definition
● Project Execution
● Time Sheet
● Financial Trackig

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