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Your business needs are as unique as you and your team are. We understand that. After 30 years of implementing ERP successfully across numerous industries and sectors, our team is well-versed in providing you with the best SAGE X3 solution for your exact needs, and then fine-tuning it further, until it is a perfect fit for you.

Why choose T3T?

Our people. Our business rises and falls on our people, just like yours does.

This is the first and foremost reason why you will love working with us. We are happy to have some of the best people in this industry on our team. Our approach to our people is a clear reflection of how we appreciate, respect and take care of our customers. With some staff members being on team for more than two decades, you’ll understand why we are as loyal to our customers as they are to us.

Trusted and Experienced

With over 25 years in ERP, you’re business is safe in our hands.

Industry Leading Approach

Our industry-leading implementation equips your business with an effective solution.

Grows with You

Expandable, upgradable and scalable, our solutions grow as you grow.

Financial wins

Our value-added products and services reduce the long-term cost of ownership.

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Award Winning Partner

Winner of Multiple prestigious local and international awards. These are some of our latest awards.

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