How ERP can provide companies with better reporting capabilities

Effective reporting can be the difference between success and stagnation in the dynamic realm of business. As our co-founder and director, Stephen Howe points out, how reporting is executed can elevate companies above their competitors. […]

ERP solutions are vital to overcoming disparate systems in the workplace

The prevalence of disparate systems in the workplace is not just a minor inconvenience but a significant hurdle for businesses striving to maintain efficiency and competitiveness. The disruptive impact of fragmented technologies on organisational operations […]

Unlocking effective inventory management:

In the competitive world of commerce, timely product delivery is not just a goal—it’s a necessity. The critical role of effective inventory management is the key to business success. Recent events, such as the bankruptcy […]

How ERP systems can optimise distribution and wholesale processes

In the fast-paced world of distribution and wholesale, challenges abound, from fluctuating customer demands to ever-shifting market conditions. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have emerged as game-changers, seamlessly integrating various business functions to bring consistency […]

Real-time visibility hits manufacturing’s big time

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, real-time visibility has become a game-changer, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are at the forefront of this transformation. Real-time visibility offers the ability to monitor activities as they […]

Business Solutions empowering South Africa’s manufacturing sector

To see the potential of South Africa’s manufacturing sector despite the obstacles it faces is to recognise the resilience and ingenuity that can drive its growth. Even amidst load-shedding and economic hardships, the industry managed […]

How ERP empowers retailers to understand and delight customers

As a retailer, one of the fundamental aspects of success is providing exceptional customer service. After all, as the saying goes, “Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.” In today’s world, where customers […]

Streamlining retail operations with ERP systems

The world of retail has changed drastically, we understand the challenges faced in the retail industry and in bringing together the physical and virtual realms to create seamless and memorable customer experiences. To navigate this […]

Unlocking ROI: The power of ERP for retailers in today’s market

As a modern retailer, navigating the challenging economic landscape is essential for business survival. The retail sector is under immense pressure because of a combination of rising costs, inflation, global economic recession, and increasing interest […]

Building organisational resilience through financial solutions

Building resilience requires that the organisation bed down stable and agile financial foundations that are aligned with global and local governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) mandates. As McKinsey highlights, a ‘better risk governance model is […]

Enterprise Resource Planning is a growth investment

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have gained significant ground over the past few years. Through the pandemic and rapidly changing business expectations, ERP solutions have become more efficient, accessible and robust. They offer organisations the […]

Four payroll efficiencies that make a tangible difference to your business

In the past, payroll has had negative connotations associated with it; from “it’s just admin” to simply crunching down the numbers. This mundane outlook has inhibited its potential within many organisations as they haven’t yet […]

Intelligent financial and operational investments have become competitive differentiators

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have transformed accounting platforms from auxiliary tools to significant advantages in the marketplace. According to the Finances Online Accounting Statistics report (1), 83% of accountants believe that technology […]

Modern working frameworks demand a scalable, agile, and flexible ERP

A cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) – which meets the needs of modern organisations – is inherently more intuitive and faster. It is therefore more capable of adapting to the changing times and economic […]

Achieving compliance that delivers visibility, transparency and supports your human capital

Companies wanting to thrive in the changing business economy should shift their focus from defining their success in how they implement digital, to how they use digital to support their people. Successful digital transformation enhances […]

Four steps to maximise your accounting platform investment

Maximising the return on an accounting solution investment is not about squeezing costs but rather using analytics, data and insights to maximise overall performance. It requires digging into the details across all business units and […]

On-premise ERP is as much a trend as the cloud.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have undergone significant evolutions in the past few years. From increased capacity, scale and agility to refined business functionality, ERP is changing how companies manage disruption, business continuity, growth and […]

A single payroll system grows business across borders

Without doubt a business’s most valuable asset is its human capital which, without an effective integrated HR and Payroll system, can be put at great risk.  It can be a tricky process to retain good […]

Transforming employee engagement and talent retention with Sage 300 People

People are craving humanity in business. They want to step beyond the boundaries of the transactional relationship that has traditionally defined work and towards connections that allow for shared growth and shared responsibility. HR and […]

A single payroll system grows business across borders

Without doubt a business’s most valuable asset is its human capital which, without an effective integrated HR and Payroll system, can be put at great risk.  It can be a tricky process to retain good […]

About Sage VIP

Sage VIP Payroll and HR (Classic or Premier) are Sage’s solution for human resources and payroll professionals in medium to larger organisations seeking the tools they need to perform at their best.   Sage VIP […]

We’ve Outgrown Our Sage Pastel Accounting Software. Now What?

As South Africa’s leading integrated accounting and payroll software provider, Sage’s products are well known by many small business owners. Easy to use and full of functionality, Sage Pastel is typically the go-to for startups […]

How to choose an ERP for SMEs in South Africa

South African small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) who hope to be competitive in the long run, particularly those with complex operations, will benefit by implementing an ERP software system. This business solution facilitates greater efficiency […]

What You Need in a Sage ERP Implementation Partner

Congratulations for choosing a Sage as your ERP solution! Sage solutions, like Sage X3 or Sage Intacct, are award-winning, highly capable ERP systems that bring countless benefits to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Now […]

How to Choose the Best ERP for Your Retail Company

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in a retail environment allow for the automatic, real-time recording of transactions across your business. As a single source of data, ERP software facilitates improved inter-departmental communication and optimised retail […]

ERP for Engineering Firms in South Africa

Engineering companies pose admin and operational challenges unlike other organisations; their complex business operations, multi-location, multi-currency, and multi-department structure often makes them difficult to manage. Thankfully, there is ERP software. Engineers typically want to streamline […]

Why More South African Companies are Choosing Cloud Financial Management Solutions

Companies of all sizes are facing an evolving marketplace with greater globalisation, competition, employee dispersion, and a growing acceptance of web-based, on-demand services. It brings new market opportunities and more affordable resources to businesses, but […]

How RPA Improves Automation in your Cloud ERP

Robotic process automation (RPA) is enjoying significant interest and adoption in the modern workplace, particularly in the financial services sector. With its capability to automate back-office admin tasks, in conjunction with business process management systems […]

Modern ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

As a manufacturing company, it is likely that you already use software to support some or most elements of your operation. The decision to invest in a modern ERP solution is the next step in […]

Why Integrated Payroll Software is the Way Forward

Organisations in South Africa are looking for ways to drive growth, attain and maintain a competitive advantage, and remain relevant in an ever-changing business landscape.   Forward-thinking business leaders recognise that technology and software can […]

Do We Need Human Resources Software?

If you’re in the market for human resources (HR) software for your South African business, it is quite likely that you’ve come across terms such as SaaS, on-premise, cloud, and best-of-breed. With so many software […]

What to Look for in Accounting Software in South Africa

More organisations in South Africa are moving away from manual ways of storing and processing financial records and seeking out purpose-built accounting software. It is easy to see why. Accounting software is used to record, […]