We’ve Outgrown Our Sage Pastel Accounting Software. Now What?

We’ve Outgrown Our Sage Pastel Accounting Software. Now What?

As South Africa’s leading integrated accounting and payroll software provider, Sage’s products are well known by many small business owners. Easy to use and full of functionality, Sage Pastel is typically the go-to for startups and small businesses as it provides the capabilities a smaller business needs. But if your business has outgrown the functional requirements of a smaller business and is gaining velocity, you may be facing several challenges as you reach the limits of Pastel’s functionality.


Most entry-level accounting software packages are not designed to provide professional financial management capabilities. Owners of growing businesses require more and better visibility into financial and operational performance, with functionality such as automating key processes, allowing access at any time, from anywhere, enforcing internal controls, customising functionality, and integrating with other critical applications.


The Challenges. The Hidden Costs.

A recent study by the largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S., Armanino, cite these causes for the slowed monthly accounting process:

  • Over-dependence on manual, error-prone paper-based processes cause duplications, data entry errors, and withhold access to real-time financial data.
  • Financial applications that are not connected to other business critical applications result in information silos, the need to recapture data, and reduced productivity.
  • The software is unable to handle growing data volumes resulting in a sluggish or crashed system, lost payroll data, screen delays, slow queries, and lengthy reporting.
  • Spreadsheets are used to manage complex processes outside of the system due to the lack of inbuilt functionality, causing lost time and productivity due to manual workarounds.
  • Lack of financial data and clarity into the business limit management’s ability to accurately forecast upcoming business opportunities and plan proactively, delaying strategic decision making and obstructing growth-oriented business management.


If These Are Your Frustrations, Then You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting Software and You are Ready for the Next Step.


Move Financial Management to the Cloud

Sage Intacct is Sage’s next generation best-in class cloud financial software, and helps businesses migrate with less risk, at a lower cost, and with faster deployment. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection — no need for additional expensive technology, servers, software, or a large IT team.


Here are some of the benefits of moving to a cloud financial management system like Sage Intacct:


Anytime, Anywhere Business Visibilitycloud financial management south africa

  • Access to real-time data and processes at the time and place you need it.
  • Flexible, fast, multi-dimensional reporting delivers accurate reports with relevant insights, allowing you to analyse your data visually and make decisions proactively.
  • Role-based dashboards deliver real-time global and local visibility into the state of the business to the right people at the right time.


Greater Productivity

  • The ability to integrate with best-of-breed business applications means business owners can build a tailored, integrated, complete solution around their finance system. No more information silos, no more lost productivity, no more duplications.
  • User defined workflows automate, control, and streamline processes as needed. This serves to optimise processes across the business.


Supports Growth

  • Scalable architecture caters to evolving business needs.
  • A multi-ledger system delivers control and capabilities for high-volume, high-transaction businesses.
  • Storage of an unlimited number of budgets, forecasts, and other relevant reporting formats support multi-scenario planning towards improved business performance.



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Sage Intacct cloud financial management system provides organisations like yours with the data required to make important decisions at speed that fuel ongoing growth.


Sage Intacct financial management and accounting software streamlines and automates processes to help growing organisations improve the accuracy, reliability, and analysis of business-critical data, and provides actionable insights into key performance areas.


Multi-award-winning implementation partner T3T can help your business migrate to Sage Intacct, allowing you the benefits of greater visibility, unlimited flexibility, more effective process management, and significant cost savings.


Get the vital data you need to seize business opportunities in real time with Sage Intacct and T3T.


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