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Bar Coding and Warehouse Management that seamlessly integrates with Sage X3

T3T Enables Comprehensive Sage X3 Integration with DefCapture X3


DefCapture from Defacto provides a flexible solution that brings barcoded data collection to the Sage X3 solution.


With today’s need for an agile supply chain, barcoded data capture can deliver improved speed and accuracy, decreasing employee time to process and reduce the overall transaction costs. If you want to enjoy the improved data entry efficiency possible with bar codes without the expenditure and effort of installing and integrating a non-Sage third-party warehouse management system, then DefCapture offers a simple yet flexible front-end to the Sage installation.

The Benefits and Features of DefCapture integrated into Sage X3

Goods receipts. Purchase order shortages can be immediately determined and checked on the spot, rather than after items have been partially moved.   Critical parts can be routed to manufacturing immediately.

Put-Aways in real time. As soon as items are put away, they immediately become available for sale or for manufacturing.

Sales Order Picking. Select from multiple modes of picking and packing management including fully guided picking where the system leads the operator to the correct pick locations and confirms correct item selection.

Replenishments. Keep pick faces ready with built-in shortage and replenishment management and overall warehouse husbandry.

Works Order Kitting and Completion. Manage manufacturing processes using line side kitting, backflushing, quality control and discrete completion.  Guide the operator to pick or assemble and verify as the operator scans each part or subassembly correct specifications.

WIP Tracking. Machine and resource utilization recording for real time visibility into the production progress.

Stock Counting. Periodic and Perpetual Inventory counts using Location Guidance based on Sage Stock Take Cards.

Kan Ban management. As soon as items are issued, the system can provide a notification of stock below re-order level, request a stock count and initiate the replenishment actions.

Despatch confirmation. With the system leading the operator to the correct pick locations and confirming correct item selection, accurate consignments can be quickly assembled and verified.

Browser Based

User interface is principally designed to provide fast enquires and transactions coupled with barcode scanning whilst the screens are mainly optimised for mobile bar code scanning devices such as the Zebra MC92xx and WT (wearable) series.

Supports Multiple Bar Code Symbolologies

Understands multiple symbolologies including GS1 EAN 128 multi-field bar codes, where scanning a single bar code can decode the product, quantity, batch and expiry date information directly into DefCapture. Bar Codes can be 1d or 2d.

Cross-Platform Support

Like Sage X3, DefCapture X3 runs on Windows and UNIX platforms with SQL Server and Oracle.  The Microsoft .NET Framework based development uses DbProvider Factories for multiple database integration and a standard web.config file for general web server configuration.

Bare Code Formats, GS1, Kardex, Odette & EAN 128 Bar Coding

The data within the bar codes can be simple codes or be encoded to one of the following standards:

  • Simple – individual items
  • GS1 – general logistical exchange
  • ODETTE – motor industry applications
  • Kardex – propriety format for Carousel and Automated Storage Units

DefCapture reads and understands GS1 encoding and is able to extract the relevant data values from the encoded string and pass those to the specific Sage X3 data fields.

DefCapture X3 supports all of the above formats as standard.

The DefCapture X3 menu in the Sage X3 menu structure

warehouse management sage x3

DefCapture X3 also includes an at-a-glance Warehouse Management Dashboard

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