T3T Add-ons Empower You to Do More with Sage X3

T3T has developed highly-efficient Sage X3 add-ons that unlock even more automation and functionality within Sage X3.

What Manual process or Unintegrated application do you need a solution for?

Cloud Connected Currency Upload

This is ideal for organisations that deal with multi-currencies on a daily basis and need the latest exchange rates.

If your staff members manually input the exchange rate on a daily basis, the risk exposure and far-reaching financial repercussions due to human error are immense, with potentially catastrophic results.

  • Manual task
  • Time-consuming
  • Error-prone
  • High risk

The solution: T3T’s automated Cloud Connected Currency Upload

The T3T Currency Upload function provides daily, hassle-free exchange rates imported directly into your Sage X3 solution. This means you always have the latest data, and your foreign currency transactions are based on accurate information.

Benefits of the Currency Importer

  • Daily, automated process
  • Updates spot rate, and other defined rate types
  • Updates all currencies, including cryptocurrencies
  • No human errors
  • Timesaver
  • Reduces risk


Bulk Stocktake Import

This is ideal for any organisation that manually captures their stocktake results in Sage X3. The management and visibility of stock is crucial to businesses, whether it be in a warehouse, remote location, or boot stock.

If your staff manually captures stock counts onto a spreadsheet and then manually recaptures it into Sage X3, this exposes the business to potential risk. Human errors and omissions in this regard could have far-reaching consequences.

  • Manual task
  • Time-consuming
  • Error-prone
  • High risk
  • Limited to one user at a time

The solution: T3T’s automated Bulk Stocktake Import

The T3T Bulk Stocktake Import function simplifies and streamlines the upload of your Stock Count Information into Sage X3.

Benefits of Bulk Stocktake Import

  • Simplified, intuitive layout is easy to use
  • Users can change the layout of the file
  • Caters for attributes such as Locations, Status, Lots and Serial Numbers
  • Supports any mechanism of data capture, such as a CSV file
  • Supports data compiled from offline scanners
  • Supports multiple recounts
  • Supports remote locations / boot stock being counted and captured for later loading into Sage X3
  • Configurable in Sage X3
  • Saves time
  • Reduces risk
  • Improves accuracy

Bulk Journal Upload

This is ideal for organisations that need to process reallocations, or who prepare journals on spreadsheets and then manually capture these into Sage X3.  This also adds immense value when you need to import data from any third-party system and need to quickly and easily change the layout of the file at a user level.

If your staff are manually capturing journal data into Sage X3 it increases risk into your business due to potential human error, not to mention the time wasted and costs of duplicating work.

  • Manual task
  • Time-consuming
  • Error-prone
  • High risk

The solution: T3T’s Bulk Journal Upload

The T3T Bulk Journal Upload function allows you to bulk upload general ledger journals, saving you time and reducing human error.

Benefits of the Bulk Journal Upload

  • Role-based functionality
  • Excel-based
  • Interfaces with any system
  • Multiple journals can be uploaded
  • Validates columns in the upload file
  • Intelligently interprets and auto creates journals in Sage X3
  • Used for importing salaries, audit adjustments, etc
  • Bulk uploads spreadsheets used to determine reallocations

T3T Integration Layer

Ideal for organisations that have siloed, patchwork, non-communicative systems that need to be integrated with Sage X3 to create a holistic, integrated business solution.

Many businesses have multiple systems that operate in isolation from each other but that require the same master data, such as Customers, to exist in both systems, and / or for data to be captured manually into Sage X3. This results in manual duplication of work and outdated iterations that cause frustration, delays, and human errors.

There is a better way to work. A connected business is an efficient business.

The solution: T3T’s Integration Layer

The flexible, multi-purpose, customisable T3T Integration Layer simplifies the integration of transactional documents and master data into Sage X3 by handling the technical complexities involved, whilst ensuring application integrity is preserved.

T3T’s Integration Layer can accommodate various integration mechanisms depending on the source system, including the common feeds such as file processing, SOAP / REST web services, direct database access, etc.

The Integration Layer is designed to allow you to rapidly process your transactions thanks to its core architectural design of allowing multiple simultaneous transactions. This gives you the benefit of a high-throughput multi-threaded environment.


Benefits and Functionality of the Integration Layer

  • All integrations enforce the Sage data validation rules, preserving data integrity
  • Rapid development of new Sage X3 functionality that allows you to focus on business logic rather than the Sage transaction
  • Simple to understand and use for third party developers
  • Gives support personnel an easy way to monitor failed transactions and address accordingly
  • Supports the vast majority of Sage X3 transactions, including
    • Master data such as Products, Customers, Dimensions, Sites, Price Lists, etc
    • Inventory transactions such as Stock Counts, Issues and Receipts, etc
    • Purchasing transactions such as Requests, Orders, Receipts, Returns and Invoices
    • Sales transactions such as Quotes, Orders, Deliveries, Returns, Invoices, etc
    • Manufacturing transactions such as Works Order Issues and Completions
    • Financial transactions such as GL Journals, AP & AR payments, AP & AR invoices, etc
  • Transactions can be created, created and posted, or updated where applicable
  • Where integration transactions result in multiple linked Sage transactions, the Integration Layer can sequence the creation of the individual Sage transactions, removing the complexity of having to process the individual transaction
  • The transactions can be processed in real-time, or scheduled to run at a predetermined time based on the configuration of the pollers
  • Pollers can be dedicated to the processing of specific transactions or transaction types to allow for near-real-time processing of critical documents
  • Pollers are highly-customisable in terms of the processing priorities based on custom attributes passed through to the layer, such as Site, Customer, Error Retry, etc
  • All documents passed to the Integration Layer can be defined to be run once, or allow retries, should errors occur


Typical integrations that have been facilitated using the T3T Integration Layer include:

  • E-commerce solutions, such as SalesForce and Magento
  • Point of Sale (POS) solutions, such as Elite, Cowhills, GAAP, Micros
  • Billing system integrations
  • Warehousing systems, including the use of wireless scanners
  • CAD systems
  • Operational homegrown, custom-designed systems interfacing into Sage X3
  • Many other systems, including EDI


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