Transforming employee engagement and talent retention with Sage 300 People

Transforming employee engagement and talent retention with Sage 300 People

People are craving humanity in business.

They want to step beyond the boundaries of the transactional relationship that has traditionally defined work and towards connections that allow for shared growth and shared responsibility.

HR and payroll solutions and functionality are transforming the way employees connect and transact, while the ways in which they are compensated are evolving.

New trends and strategies are sweeping away dusty legacy systems and replacing them with innovative approaches that allow for employee engagement, improved productivity and data-rich insights that connect with people on the right levels.

Surveys have shown that one of the key changes is the relocation of payroll from reporting to finance to reporting to either HR or a shared service across all business operations.

The goal is to prioritise an end-to-end employee experience that leverages digital capability to create employee experiences and improved interactions.  HR reporting issues are also bypassed.

Slow onboarding and access to company systems has been a challenge.

A Deloitte survey found it can take up to six months for a company to onboard talent and that more than 25% of payroll staff spent time on running HR payroll services that are largely manual.

This is a waste of time, resources and costs, which is why next-generation payroll is becoming increasingly popular to refine  expenditure and employee experiences.

Organisations can automate time-consuming payroll services by introducing smart technologies that can automate through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This technology can be used to detect fraud and ghost employees; to dig into the data for granular insights that allow for improved decision-making; and to transform payroll into an invaluable resource that supports the business and its people.

Sage 300 People is a cloud-based, digital-first platform that Times 3 Technologies, a Sage Platinum Partner, provides organisations with for a transparent HR and payroll solution.

Sage 300 People can be customised to suit any industry, and is designed to track performance, measure productivity and improve HR payroll efficiencies.