On-premise ERP is as much a trend as the cloud.

On-premise ERP is as much a trend as the cloud.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have undergone significant evolutions in the past few years.

From increased capacity, scale and agility to refined business functionality, ERP is changing how companies manage disruption, business continuity, growth and long-term success.

ERP offers a foundation from which an organisation can integrate multiple operational solutions across backend data, finance, applications and management software. Companies can also refine how they handle administration tasks, data, processes and integration, and can leverage these systems to improve operations.

ERP can be deployed as either cloud, hybrid-cloud or on-premise solutions, and both options are relevant to the enterprise as they each deliver immense capability within different environments.

Traditionally, on-prem ERP systems have been perceived as a risk due to ageing architecture, limited scale, end-of-life operating systems, unexpected vulnerabilities, and weighty functionality. However, this is not a clear picture of how ERP truly measures up within the on-prem environment.

Many companies aren’t ready for the time and money investment that goes hand in wallet with the move to cloud so they’re investing in hybrid ERP solutions that connect the best of both worlds. This allows them to curate an ERP solution that fits their business risk profile and strategy without compromising on system integrity.

An on-premise deployed ERP can offer a business immense value. Many companies host systems in their own environments so they can retain control over their information and have complete visibility into regulatory requirements, compliance and business data.

Implementing a comprehensive on-premise ERP solution means that every function and process can be customised to meet what the business really requires to achieve its goals, and streamline its operations. While the upfront investment may be higher, there are no additional costs as is the case with cloud-based solutions.

Sage X3 offers organisations a comprehensive on-prem and cloud-based ERP platform that can be customised and curated to fit specific business requirements. Enterprises can stay fully on-prem and still enjoy next-generation business management that’s cost-effective, scalable and secure. They can also explore hybrid and full cloud options at a fraction of the cost that comes with the traditional ERP system.