What You Need in a Sage ERP Implementation Partner

What You Need in a Sage ERP Implementation Partner

Congratulations for choosing a Sage as your ERP solution! Sage solutions, like Sage X3 or Sage Intacct, are award-winning, highly capable ERP systems that bring countless benefits to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Now that the software-selection process is over, you have arrived at a critical fork in the decision tree: selecting an implementation partner.

As with any ERP implementation project, choosing the wrong implementation partner could result in unnecessary, lengthy delays in the successful deployment of your Sage solution, or even worse, failure to launch, coupled with tremendous loss of time and money.

Every prospective implementation partner promises successful deployment of your solution, on time and within budget. So, how do you know which one to choose?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right partner for your  implementation project.


1) Proven track record.

An important factor to consider when selecting a partner is whether they can demonstrate a track record of successful implementations.

Evidence of implementations is critical, as you do not want to find yourself in the unfortunate position where the implementation partner is ‘learning on the job’ with your unique installation. Additionally, feedback from these referrals will give you an unbiased opinion of this partner, which will stand you in good stead in the decision-making process.


2) Experienced in your industry.

Not only should the ERP implementation partner demonstrate a track record of successful deployments, it would be ideal if they also have experience within your industry.

Each industry has its own unique challenges, business processes, and system requirements. It is beneficial if your ERP implementation partner has knowledge of your business vertical so that they can successfully configure and customise your solution to meet your particular needs.

Additionally, the ERP partner will help optimise your business processes during the implementation project in order to utilise the full benefits of Sage ERP functionality. Experience in your industry means they can suggest business best-practice as well as suggest solutions to industry-specific frustrations you might be experiencing.


3) Dedicated, sufficient resources.

Another reason why reviewing case studies is important is to determine if the Sage ERP implementation partner has experience dealing with businesses your size.

  • Do they have the necessary staff and resources to handle an implementation of your size and scope?
  • Do they know how to set up global companies on the ERP with multi-location, multi-currency, multi-ledger, multi-entity, multi-language, multi-legislation requirements?

All of this is important to know beforehand.


4) Exceptional communication skills.

A good implementation project begins and ends with excellent listening skills. Your ERP partner should actively listen to your specifications, challenges, and objectives, in order for them to know how to best optimise the ERP solution to meet your exact needs.

Additionally, as ERP implementation projects can span months at a time, effective communication skills are critical for streamlining the process.

  • Are they located nearby?
  • Are they available when you need them?
  • Do they offer remote and face-to-face communications?
  • Are they located in your time zone?
  • Do they respond quickly to your concerns?
  • Are they nice to work with?

This last factor is key for not only a successful ERP implementation, but also an enjoyable one.


5) Tried and tested ERP implementation methodology.

Most implementation failures are caused by implementation partners not following a clearly-defined implementation methodology. Ensure your ERP partner’s approach includes milestones that are signed-off by business stakeholders along the way, driving progress, and ensuring the project does not stall.


6) Focused on building long-term relationships.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, find out what their after-implementation offering is.

A successful Sage ERP implementation only really begins after go-live. Once your ERP partner has left the building, and your team begins to use the system on their own, only then does it become apparent what additional training, support, and customisation is required.

Choose a partner who can provide training, support, and development for the lifetime of your ERP deployment.

Even better, choose an ERP partner who cares about the success of your business, and is interested in further nurturing your long-term relationship.




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