Building organisational resilience through financial solutions

Building organisational resilience through financial solutions

Building resilience requires that the organisation bed down stable and agile financial foundations that are aligned with global and local governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) mandates. As McKinsey highlights, a ‘better risk governance model is key for effective and efficient decision-making and crisis management’ and that strengthening resilience requires that financial elements and impacts are always considered and managed.

With economic and political instability on the rise, having a stable financial foundation and reliable GRC can prove invaluable. Having a successful and sustainable organisation capable of withstanding internal and external shocks requires resilience, that is why investing in tools and technologies will help companies navigate the GRC hurdles, overcome roadblocks and improve decision-making, reporting and forecasting.

Companies are faced with growing complexity and often decision-makers feel like they have limited visibility into accounting and finance functions. GRC is not going away – if anything, the legislation and regulation that shapes GRC on local and global stages is becoming increasingly complicated to navigate. Organisations need the necessary systems to automate, track, manage and control their data and processes.

Each of these pillars of GRC plays a role in ensuring that the organisation can align its financial structure and behaviours with organisational objectives and external mandates.

With Sage Intacct, a modular true cloud financial management platform that adds in flexibility, scale and GRC functionalities, and Times 3 Technologies, a Platinum Sage implementation partner, you can stay ahead of the complexities of the modern market and remain competitive and compliant. You can use the platform to create an agile organisation that’s capable of embedding transparency and rigour into operations while allowing for comprehensive financial management that goes beyond silos and achieves the key success factor of today – resilience.