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    why choose sage X3 For Your Business?

    Be More Competitive

    Better than out-of-the-box ERPs, Sage X3 keeps you agile, able to adapt faster, and helps you stay more competitive.

    Affordable Big-brand Functionality

    No more expensive big-name ERPs with crippling exchange rate fluctuations and high costs. Choose ERP that works as hard as you do, at a more affordable rate.

    Add-ons for a Perfect Fit

    Sage X3 provides an easy to use, scalable API framework with open-source technologies that enable T3T to develop and deliver new capabilities that fit your needs more quickly.

    Sage x3 integrates all of these

    Into one system

    Demand, planning & forecasts

    Materials & Inventory

    Purchasing & sub-contracting

    Production & Quality Control

    Warehousing & Logistics

    Sales & Marketing

    These Fine Companies Trust Sage X3 and T3T

    So Can You!

    For Instant Insight into your financials, sales, operations AND PEOPLE

    Sage X3 helps businesses to thrive and stay competitive in the face of growing complexity by transforming how they manage processes, operations and people globally.

    Save on operational and inventory costs

    Manage complex business operations

    Support users in any location, at any time

    Improve service and delivery

    Automate admin and processes

    Improve Reporting and data governance

    Sage X3 Is Built for Your Industry


    sage x3 t3t

    Faster supply chain, lowered costs

    Greater clarity across your supply chain, improved purchase conditions and profitability, and enable a mobile sales force.

    • Retail and wholesale trade
    • Transport and logistics
    • Discrete manufacturing


    sage x3 t3t

    Shorter process cycle times & quality control

    Accurate costings and quotes, real-time production planning, and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in regulations.

    • Industrial equipment
    • Medical devices
    • High tech
    • Metal fabrication
    • Discrete manufacturing

    Process Manufacturing

    sage x3 t3t

    Less waste, fewer risks, greater compliance

    Stay on top of compliance requirements while effectively managing production, procurement, and shipping.

    • Chemicals
    • Cosmetics
    • Food and Beverage
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutraceuticals (Functional Foods)


    sage x3 t3t

    Be more agile, control costs, keep customers

    For more accuracy in project management, streamlined accounting, and real-time insights on all y our devices.

    • Advertising
    • Consulting services
    • Engineering services
    • Equipment rental
    • IT and Software services
    • Maintenance and Repair services


    sage x3 t3t

    A capable and efficient chemical enterprise

    Control and clarity into every aspect of your business, bring the benefits of digital transformation to your chemical enterprise.

    • Supply optimisation
    • Global compliance
    • Anywhere, anytime access
    • Product and process consistency
    • Discrete manufacturing

    Food & Beverage

    sage x3 t3t

    Greater efficiency, better business

    Simplify and speed up business processes with business management software that is flexible enough to grow as you grow.

    • Operations
    • Supply chain
    • Warehouse and inventory
    • Finance and accounting
    • Sales and marketing
    • Customer services

    IS Sage X3 The Right Fit for You?

    Your business is unique. Your team is your best asset. Likewise, your business software should be able to adapt around you to solve your unique challenges. These could be:

    • complex operations

    • multi-location

    • multi-currency

    • patchwork systems that don’t communicate with each other

    • you feel like you have no real-time insight into or control of the business

    • you have outgrown your current system and it cannot provide you with the required functionality you need to enable growth

    If you want your ERP to help you with any of these, then Sage X3 is the right fit for you

    Ensure quality, provenance and safety

    Manage cross functional projects

    Provide value added after-market services

    Manage complex contractual relationships across the value chain

    Plan and Control Multi-locations, resources and assets

    Deliver consistent data insight across multiple datasets

    You Also get the t3t advantage

    Top, Multi-Award Winning Sage Partner In Our Pursuit of Excellence

    You Get the Very Best with T3T

    Winner of Implementation and Customer Retention Partner of the Year, and Vice President Award, to name a few.

    Your Sage product implementation and support are in good hands.

    Over 450 Years of Collective Experience with Sage Products

    Backed by experience

    Our experience is your gain

    T3T has been operational for over 25 years. Our staff of over 50 people are extremely well-versed in all things Sage.

    That means you get the advantage of fast, accurate, efficient, interactions.

    Helped SMEs with Over 70 Successful Sage Product Implementations

    Growing businesses is what we do

    We've ironed out all the glitches

    T3T is the market leader for implementing Sage X3 for businesses of every size and industry.

    We enable SMEs to compete more effectively, scale, and manage their resources optimally.

    Friendly, Knowledgeable Sage Helpdesk and Development Team

    Supporting you at every step

    Our team, your top advantage

    Our team of friendly and knowledgeable Sage X3 experts are just a phone call away to support you with all your ERP queries.

    Their experience means you always get the best support.

    What others have to say

    T3T completed the project on time, within budget, and with perfection! We would highly recommend T3T as an implementation partner.

    H Bothma

    Finance Manager – Darling Romery

    It’s Time to Get Real Results. T3T Gives You the Power of a Tailored Sage ERP Solution

    If you’re interested in Sage X3, or would like to find out more, please complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch.

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