Three Ways Cloud Will Set You Up for Success

Three Ways Cloud Will Set You Up for Success

By Stephen Howe

Businesses are reeling under the global economic disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the pandemic will eventually will end.

Whatever opportunities await at the end of the pandemic, and they will happen quickly, will only be seized by businesses that take steps now to set up the necessary IT infrastructure that will support survival during a recession, and help them thrive after the pandemic.

Here is why Cloud-based ERP is your right-now IT strategic advantage.


1. Cloud-based ERP increases business velocity, with lower cost of ownership

In the past, IT was a cause of frustration for many organisation, with its lack of agility and responsiveness and its inability to support business objectives. Today, digital transformation has brought new business models forward that necessitate IT’s alignment with the business for greater productivity and value.

According to Forbes, companies can improve their team productivity by 300% within a year when they have the right IT infrastructure. This can be in investing in agile, responsive, scaleable ERP solutions, or HR and Payroll systems to facilitate greater employee retention and engagement.

However, the first part of modernisation pivots on moving enterprise applications into the cloud.

Historically, CIOs represented the greatest obstacle to cloud migration, as they perceived the exercise as potentially expensive and high-risk. But that changed when business users began demanding solutions that keep up with today’s speed of business that on-premise legacy applications struggle to provide outside of the cloud.

Successful companies are accelerating their cloud migration strategies, including the migration of legacy applications. Business leaders understand that they cannot attain the business velocity they want without moving their ERP solution, and its integrated apps, to the cloud.

For businesses who want to update their homegrown or legacy ERP system, modern ERP is the way to go: more flexible, affordable, and easier to use, maintain and upgrade, they add value, reduce risk, and free up valuable time and resources for more profitable tasks.


erp cloud covid-192. Do more, with less, and faster than before with cloud-based ERP.

When organisations update their legacy systems and migrate them to a virtual environment on the cloud, they are far better equipped to deal with challenges at speed. Even now, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, organisations that operate in a virtual environment are better able to manage the crisis.


  • Mission-critical applications stay up and running.
  • Cloud environments run at a much lower cost.
  • ERP supports business automation.
  • Updated ERP reduces errors and risk.


3. Remote teams? Always-connected, always empowered

Working with remote teams is not a new concept, and there are an abundance of applications that support online communication between fragmented team members. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the remote-working trend.

Considering the implied cost savings that remote work brings, such as reduction or removal of  office rent and utilities costs, building maintenance, travel expenses, security and insurance, plus increased employee satisfaction, it is no wonder that many leading organisations have adopted a fully-remote or hybrid remote-and-office working model.

However, the only way that this model works is when organisations have updated business processes and deployed business systems that communicate with each other. The ability to access one single source data, one single business truth, no matter where you are in the world, or what time zone you are in, on any device, makes working from home – from anywhere actually – a feasible and sustainable possibility. The monthly cost of cloud hosting are easily offset by the cost savings of remote work, as well as the increased productivity associated with it.

Using technologies that bring down operational costs and improve flexiblity makes the business as a whole better suited to adapt to change and stay relevant.

Modernising how the business runs will require an initial investment and involve changes to business procedures. In a recession the cost and disruption can seem risky. However, updating your legacy systems, and moving systems to the cloud will yield tremendous operational savings.

As the world gingerly emerges out of the COVID-19 crisis, there will be a desperate grasping for tools that empower organisations to capture new markets, however success comes to those who start now.


IT modernisation is a slow journey so begin now; in so doing, you will successfully position your business to thrive well beyond Covid-19.



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