3 Compelling Reasons Why you Need Modern ERP to See the Decade Through

3 Compelling Reasons Why you Need Modern ERP to See the Decade Through

By Stephen Howe


In a normal world, nominal changes and disruptions are typically enough cause for medium-sized businesses to re-evaluate their business processes. However, in the constantly-evolving market and workplace we find ourselves in, businesses require greater resilience, agility, and instant business insight for rapid decision-making. To do so, business solutions that serve to scale the business, automate back-office tasks and save costs are taking centre stage.


With current global disruptions escalating this need for change, and no guarantees – or even an option – of returning to “business as usual”, business leaders are seeking ways to navigate their organisations through the crises towards future recovery and success.


For the foreseeable future, business strategies will not be focused so much on speeding up existing processes, but rather on finding solutions that enable businesses to respond and adapt quickly to unexpected and sudden changes.


Here’s Why Modern ERP is the New Foundation for the Next Normal



erp 20201. Modern ERP empowers a futuristic outlook

Most organisations have clearly defined goals and strategies for the future. Accurate forecasting, trend- and market analyses are key components to businesses achieving these objectives. ERP solutions, such as Sage X3 and Sage Intacct, set you up to anticipate and accommodate changes in the market, and give your employees the tools they need to reach objectives. With instant access to business data, the guesswork is removed from managing and forecasting seasonal demand, stock quantities, manufacturing hours, logistics, and partner resources, so that you have your finger on the pulse of your business. Additionally, ERP solutions scale with you as you grow, removing the need for repeated software changes and the implicit operation delays and disruptions, thereby safeguarding your investment for the future.


contact t3t2. Modern ERP supports your digital strategy

In order to stay relevant, organisations are deploying long-term digital strategies that ensure they have the technology in place that supports their business goals, rapid growth and innovation.

Your strategy to modernise your business is supported by the ERP solution’s ability to automate and streamline admin and operations through integrated, harmonious business systems. ERP and business solutions assist in driving greater productivity and efficiency throughout the business.


erp 20203. The upgrade to your outdated, legacy system

Your legacy or single-purpose system may have been ideal for your business a few years or even decades ago. However, rapid changes in the market, technology, and the increased velocity of daily transactional data often renders these systems obsolete.

These legacy or dated systems were not designed to process the large amounts of data your business is generating now, and may have difficulty integrating or communicating with your other best-of-breed applications and packages.

You need an modern ERP solution, like Sage X3 or Sage Intacct, that is user-friendly, that processes data quickly, updates stock quantities automatically, facilitates real-time reporting, and integrates easily and seamlessly with other software.


A Final Thought

Along with implementing world-class, award-winning ERP solutions into your business to safeguard your future and reduce risk, you need a partner who can guide you through the re-evaluation and updating of your business processes to gain the full value of the modern ERP solution.


At T3T, we do all of the above.

Not only do we bring over 450 years of combined ERP deployment experience to every ERP project, we focus on process improvements that bring value and insight into your business, as well as the on-going support of our clients post go-live.



Contact us today to discuss your ERP and business solutions needs to future-proof your business.


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